Pamela Anderson Considers Telling Bruce Springsteen About Fundraiser Controversy

Fuming over the allocation of proceeds from a charity gala, the former 'Baywatch' actress believes The Boss wouldn't want money raised from his guitar to go to the rebuilding of Notre Dame.

AceShowbiz - Pamela Anderson is considering calling Bruce Springsteen after growing angry about the allocation of proceeds from a recent charity fundraiser.

The former "Baywatch" star attended the Olympique de Marseille fundraiser on Tuesday night (April 23) alongside boyfriend Adil Rami, who plays for the French soccer club. A guitar once owned by Springsteen was auctioned off at the event and raised $112,000 (£87,000), which was then given to the campaign to rebuild the Gothic cathedral in Paris after it was ravaged by a fire earlier this month.

However, Pamela took to Twitter to vent her anger, telling fans she had understood that all the money raised through the event would be going to help poor children in Marseille.

Now, speaking to the New York Post's gossip column Page Six, the 51-year-old admitted she's considering reaching out to Springsteen about it.

"I was angry - the church already has all they need," she raged. "And knowing the conditions of the many troubled youths in Marseille, it seemed that 100,000 euro for Bruce Springsteen's guitar could have gone to the local children and to the homeless."

"I was thinking of calling Springsteen to see where he'd rather the money raised go - I am sure it would be to the poor kids for whom it was intended."

According to reports, Pamela "stormed out" of the fundraiser after becoming incensed about the auction.

Following her accusations, Olympique de Marseille representatives told AFP that approximately $490,000 (£380,000) was raised on the night for local children.

The fund to rebuild Notre Dame recently topped $1 billion.

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