Blac Chyna Trolled for Showing Off Luxury Cars Despite Not Paying Rent

Many are urging the Lashed Bar owner to pay her rent instead of flaunting her collection of lavish cars, with one saying, 'Get ur priorities straight and pay ur RENT.'

AceShowbiz - Even though Blac Chyna has just recently been sued for allegedly not paying off her rent, it apparently doesn't stop her from flexing her wealth on social media. The Lashed Bar owner just took to Instagram Stories to show off her collection of luxury cars, but people on social media were not too thrilled about it after learning the news. Instead of giving praises, they trolled her over the case.

The said video saw Chyna rocking a white jumpsuit complete with a purple fur coat as she walked towards one of her white cars. She seductively got into the car while showing off how cool her car was. "Every one has eyes but only handful of people see," she wrote in the caption of the video, which was set to Nipsey Hussle's "In the Morning".

Her clip soon made its way round social media, with many people urging her to pay her unpaid rent instead of buying cars. "All those cars & ya rent not paid. Estupid," one commented. "Man pay ya landlord the rent u owe," one other said as another pointed out, "She show us the same ol cars every time she in the news about finances girl but did the landlord get his money."

"She better pay the rent she owes lol," someone else commented while one individual echoed the sentiment, "Her car collection worth about $1.5 million. Get ur priorities straight and pay ur RENT." There was also one person who wondered, "how u own all these cars but still having to pay rent."

As previously reported, Chyna's former landlord, Michael Krekerman, claimed that she rented a mansion in Studio City, California from April 2017. He added that she signed the lease agreeing that she would occupy the property until March 2019 but allegedly moved out in November last year. She stopped paying the rent ever since.

After deducting her $25,000 deposit and adding on $18,000 in damages, Krekerman claimed that she owes $48.546, excluding plus interest and attorney's fees.

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