The actor famous for his role as Dr. Frasier Crane on the hit series has been caught on camera carrying papers that feature the show's logo when making his way to a 'Man of La Mancha' rehearsal.

AceShowbiz - Kelsey Grammer has excited "Frasier" fans after he was spotted out and about in London carrying a script bearing the beloved sitcom's name.

Photos of the actor clutching the papers have left devotees hoping that a TV reboot is just around the corner after months of speculation.

Grammer, who played the titular Dr. Frasier Crane on the hit series, was caught holding the script pages as he made his way to rehearsals for his upcoming London Coliseum musical "Man of La Mancha".

The package featured the Frasier logo and the word GRAMMNET - the name of Grammer's production company.

The actor recently opened up about his hopes for a "Frasier" return, revealing he would love to revisit the characters, who last appeared on TV in 2004.

"Whether he's got six children and a wife in the islands somewhere, he needs to come back to probably resolve things with his son Frederick, which mirrors the show in the first place," Grammer told Metro.

But he admitted he was sad that any reboot would not include the late John Mahoney, who played Fasier's cranky dad on the sitcom.

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