Police Are Investigating Gunshots at Nipsey Hussle's Vigil, Believe It Was Part of Attempted Murder

A week after denying that there were gunshots fired at the vigil, police are now reportedly on the hunt to figure out who the shooter is as a new search warrant reveals that two people were shots at the time.

AceShowbiz - Last week, chaos broke out at a Nipsey Hussle memorial outside his Marathon Clothing store after a loud noise, which many suspected was a gunshot, sent people scrambling. Police assured at the time that the noise wasn't a gunshot, but now it has been reported that police are starting to believe the gunshot was real and someone was trying to commit murder that night.

According to TMZ, which first reported the news, LAPD is currently on the hunt to figure out who tried to commit another bloody act as a new search warrant reveals that two people were actually shot during the vigil. One woman, who was shot in the buttocks, said she heard a "loud, rapid succession of gunshots from an unknown direction."

Police believe that the action might have been captured on the surveillance video from Marathon Clothing or the surrounding stores inside the strip mall. Thus, police have asked a judge to order the seizure of the video equipment located inside the complex since employees at neighboring business refused to turn over video equipment.

During the chaotic moment, first responders transported 19 injured people with at least two critically injured. One person was additionally stabbed, while another one was accidentally hit by a car. Police at the scene attempted to "restore order" and asked that those gathered to leave the area. At 9:30 PST, tension remained high between people who stayed at the area and police who were forcing them to leave. Some of them threw bottles at the police in anger and frustration.

Nipsey was shot multiple times in the Hyde Park neighborhood last week. He was pronounced dead at the hospital after paramedics performed CPR on the scene and during the ambulance ride. Tribute continued to pour in for the slain rapper following the heartbreaking news, with a memorial service called "Nipsey Hussle's Celebration of Life" set to be held on Thursday, April 11 at Staples Center, Los Angeles. The service will be a free event for the public, but tickets are limited.

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