Minnie Driver's Foul Mouth Leads Son to Invent Swear Jar at Home
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During an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', the 'Speechless' star reveals that her son Henry came out with the idea because he 'felt that he could make some easy cash.'

AceShowbiz - Minnie Driver's foul mouth is costing her a fortune at home.

The 49-year-old actress admits her bad language has become a big problem now her son, Henry, has insisted she pay every time she swears.

"I do swear like a sailor," Minnie told "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" during an appearance on Friday, April 05. "Henry actually invented the swear jar because he was sick of my swearing and also felt that he could make some easy cash..."

"The F-word was worth five dollars, the S-word, the A-word, the D-word, all one-dollar words."

Ellen DeGeneres then offered to raise a little cash for Henry, who was sitting off-stage with three young relatives, by giving his mum the chance to swear up a storm on TV.

The thrilled "Good Will Hunting" star said, "Buggering s**tbags, why can I not b**locking well stop swearing? I'm such an a**ehole idiot. And it's also mostly British swearing, so you probably don't understand it. A**e, w**k... D**n it, No!"

Henry was more than happy with his haul, stating, "That's another $10! Thank you."

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