Zayn Malik Sparks Concern After He Tells People to 'F**k Yourselves' in Explosive Twitter Rant
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Fans of the former One Direction member are worried about his well-being, with some voicing their support for him and wishing that he will solve his problems without getting hurt even further.

AceShowbiz - Zayn Malik makes fans worried about his well-being due to his recent social media activity. Following a Twitter rant which found him talking bad about himself, the British singer has recently exploded in another series of tweets as he expressed his frustration at some people whose name were not mentioned by him.

It all started with a tweet which read, "How about you all go f**k yourselves with your irrelevant bulls**t," before the former One Direction member followed it up in another post, "This ain't a place for feelings." Concluding his cryptic posts, which were posted on Wednesday, April 3, Zayn said, "And you aren't the person you said you were."

The "Pillowtalk" singer didn't elaborate further on what was actually going on, so fans were concerned that there were people who gave their idol a hard time. "WHATS WRONG? Who do we need to block ? Don't focus on those, focus on good things that actually matter and are beautiful, my angel!" one said as another tweeted, "Zayn just give us a name, we'll do the job," along with a GIF of a minion practicing boxing.

Some others, meanwhile, have voiced their support for Zayn and wished that he would solve his problems eventually. One individual said, "I'm here for Zayn opening up and sharing his feelings and lowkey exposing the people who've f***ed him over because tbh he keeps all of it to himself and he shouldn't have to he deserves better."

Zayn previously made fans worried after he offered an apology on Twitter for being a "s**t person," though he later reassured them that he's "happy." In a tweet that he posted after deleting the concerning post, the "Dusk Till Dawn" singer said, "Currently happy, could be happier. Thanks for all the love and thoughts yesterday just had a vent ha x."

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