Kanye West Will Play Big Part on 'KUWTK' Season 16, Announces Baby No. 4 With Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, the 'Famous' hitmaker credits movie 'The Incredibles' as the reason why he's down to do his first ever on-camera interview in season 16 premiere of the long-running reality show.

AceShowbiz - Season 16 premiere of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" surprised viewers as it featured Kanye West's first ever on-camera interview. The husband of Kim Kardashian has made cameos throughout the seasons of the E! series, though that was his first ever on-camera interview. And it seems like fans will be seeing the rapper more often this season as it is said that he will be playing a bigger part in the current season.

The "Gold Digger" hitmaker will "prominently" appear throughout season 16, according to New York Times. "The new season of 'KUWTK', as 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' is so often abbreviated, will prominently feature Kanye, who will be regularly (and novelly) interviewed for into-the-camera confessionals. He and Kim married in 2014 and ever since he has exerted his vision on the show and the family's related businesses. He's not just another character coming and going like many of the other men, but a major force behind all of it," the Saturday, March 30 report said.

"He frequently texts with the producers, offering input on the opening images which initially had a 1970s sitcom feel and now feature the women in nude tones and sleek, silvery poses. And he shared his thoughts on the backdrop of the confessionals, which now bathe the women in amber light," the report continued.

E! president Adam Stotsky also praised the Yeezy founder, calling him "a real creative force". "[He] had thoughts on marketing, thoughts on presentation of the show, on the opening title sequence," Stotsky added.

During the season premiere, which aired on Sunday, March 31, Kanye and Kim revealed they would be expanding their family. The couple, who is already parents of their three children -- North, Saint and Chicago, will soon be a family of six as they are expecting a baby boy via surrogate. "We have an announcement to make," Kim declared to her family. "We're having a baby. We're having a boy."

Kim revealed to sister Kylie Jenner that she was "low-key freaking out" unprepared for the unborn baby. "I didn't think it was going to happen," she says. "I thought like 'Oh, it probably won't even take.' "

An insider told PEOPLE that the KKW Beauty founder "thinks it's difficult to prepare mentally for a new baby. She felt the same about Chicago but the second Chicago arrived, everything worked out great. Chicago fit in right away. It was like she had been a part of the family forever."

Meanwhile, of his first confessional interview, Kanye said, "I'm not actually attempting to do good, I just like, part of the reason why I even thought about or considering doing this recording like -- what do you call it? this interview -- is because of the movie 'The Incredibles'." He continued saying. "It starts off with the interviews. The superheroes are giving interviews. The wife got a big butt and I just see our life becoming more and more and more like 'The Incredibles' before we can finally fly."

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