Friends Insist Paris Jackson Cut Her Arm With Kitchen Scissors, but Didn't Attempt Suicide
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The daughter of Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital after cutting herself during a wild night of partying, but it was accidental, according to her friends.

AceShowbiz - Paris Jackson's friends have spoken up about her recent hospitalization, after it was reported that she attempted suicide. Contrary to the swirling rumors, her pals claim that the 21-year-old model didn't try to kill herself.

According to sources, Paris accidentally sliced her arm with kitchen scissors during a wild night of partying that went "out of control." A concerned friend of Michael Jackson's daughter called 911 after they couldn't stop the bleeding.

"Paris was partying really hard that night - but that's nothing unusual for her," a source tells Daily Mail of the incident. "It turned into a pretty crazy night and she had been acting a little out of control. But she says she accidentally cut her arm with kitchen scissors and it wasn't a suicide attempt. Her friends tried to help but they couldn't stop the blood so they called 911."

Paris reportedly continued to "act wildly" when she was taken to the hospital and medical staff wanted to keep her for three days. But the aspiring actress and singer reportedly insisted she was fine and her people convinced the hospital they would take her to rehab.

The source continues detailing, "At the hospital she continued acting wildly and the doctors wanted to keep her in for observation for at least three days. Her people intervened and promised to get her into rehab instead so she was released. But Paris believes she is fine - and doesn't think she needs rehab and now [that] she's 21 it's her decision whether to go or not."

Paris was eventually released within hours, but didn't check into rehab. She was seen stepping out with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn on Saturday afternoon, March 16 following the drama that took place earlier in the morning.

Slamming the attempted suicide reports, Paris took to Twitter to tell tabloids and news outlets which spread the stories, "f**k you you f**king liars." A source close to Paris also released a statement insisting the young star "required medical treatment" after an accident, but that she was "doing fine."

Other insiders, however, claimed that Paris was suicidal on Saturday morning, with one telling Us Weekly she had "a horrible episode." The source added, "It appears that everything she held inside finally burst."

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