Take a Look at Viola Davis' Awesome Reaction After Jumping Out of Plane

Through a series of videos, the 'How to Get Away with Murder' star shares her experience of skydiving in Hawaii, prompting Reese Witherspoon, Ellen Pompeo and Janelle Monae to congratulate her.

AceShowbiz - Viola Davis couldn't help but curse as she plummeted to the ground after jumping out of a plane from 12,000 ft in the sky.

The "Widows" actress shared a series of videos on her Instagram page on Wednesday, March 27, as she explained to her followers why she'd decided to take on a skydive in Hawaii.

"So....I jumped out of a plane. Yup. I did it. 12,000 ft and 100mph drop," she wrote. "It was awesome and the ultimate exercise in letting go, tackling my fears and freedom. Loved it!!! As a smart woman once said, 'Courage is fear said with prayers.'"

Poking fun at her foul-mouthed language in the clip, as well as her hair, Viola added the hashtags "#BlackGirlMagicOrBlackGirlCrazy", "#GladIDidntWearAWig" and "#ForgiveMeForMyCussWordsAndJackedUpHair".

In the first video, Viola was seen getting pumped up by her instructor as she prepared for her first-ever skydive. Asked how she felt, Viola answered: "I'm feeling a little anxious, but I'm ready."

Giving two thumbs up to the camera, Viola added: "I feel alive. My will is done, signed, sealed, delivered." She then told the instructor: "As long as you're not nervous, I'm good."

Once inside the plane and approaching the right altitude for the jump, the instructor asked Viola: "Still think this is a good idea?", to which the screen star replied with a firm "yes".

The "How to Get Away with Murder" star was then seen launching herself from the plane with her instructor, and couldn't stop herself from screaming "Holy s**t! Holy s**t! Mother f**ker!" alongside a host of other swear words.

She then started singing Montell Jordan's song "This Is How We Do It".

Back on the ground, the instructor asked Viola what she thought of her first skydive, to which she replied "Awesome" with a huge grin on her face.

After sharing the clip, Viola was congratulated by stars including Reese Witherspoon, Ellen Pompeo, and Janelle Monae, who wrote: "Welcome to the club!! Isn't it amazing!!"

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