NeNe Leakes Thinks Husband Gregg's Cancer Is a Payback for Cheating on Her

'I'm just saying this for real, please don't put this against me. I'm just saying this for real,' the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star says in a YouTube video.

AceShowbiz - NeNe Leakes was getting real in a new video that she shared on her YouTube channel. In the video, which was shared on her "Life of NeNe" account, the 51-year-old talked about being a caretaker for her husband Gregg Leakes who is currently battling stage 3 colon cancer.

Titled "NeNe Leakes: My Thoughts and Opinions…Ladies Night Comedy Tour!", the video saw "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star questioning whether someone's illness could be "payback" for something they did in the past. "There's a lot of things that go through your head," she said about being a caretaker. "And people don't know that."

"I want to show some love to all the caretakers because what goes through your head is -- I'm just saying this for real, please don't put this against me. I'm just saying this for real," she went on saying.

"As a caretaker, you start -- it depends on where your relationship is. You look at the person and think about, you know people love to say, 'Karma is a b***h,' and karma this and karma that. Honest to God, I'm giving y'all the raw, raw, raw. You look at the person and be like, 'What is that?' Now, that ain't right, right? But you're human," the Bravo personality shared.

She went on saying, "You look at the person and say, 'You did so many different things to me. Is this the payback?' You hope not. I'm taking about a caretaker, caretaker. 'Maybe you're getting it back from that time you cheated on me.' You don't never know. You don't ever know. But as a caretaker, these are the thoughts that go through your head because the medication got them on a roller coaster ride, and they lash out on you. It's a lot, it's a lot."

Despite all that, NeNe previously revealed things were good in their marriage. Adding hashtags of #fam4life, #nomatterwhathappens and #wearetheleakes, NeNe captioned a happy picture of her and Gregg, "I appreciate you tho Gregg for accepting and understanding that being a care taker is something I've never done and i have truly done the best i know how all while making tons of mistakes along the way."

"You never asked to get sick and We were both thrown into these new positions over nite but whew chile you have kicked cancers a**! I can't wait for u to share with the world your exciting news in a couple of weeks," she added.

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