Cardi B Seeks to Trademark Signature 'Okurrr' Catchphrase

Submitting paperwork to claim ownership of the quirky phrase, the 'Money' hitmaker explains that she plans to use it for merchandising purposes.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Cardi B is seeking to cash in on her signature catchphrase by filing for trademark protection.

The "Money" hitmaker is known for uttering her quirky "Okurrr" remark whenever she approves of something, and now she has filed paperwork with U.S. officials to claim ownership of the phrase for merchandising purposes.

According to legal papers obtained by The Blast, she plans to slap the line on promotional goods like paper cups and posters, and even print it on clothing, including T-shirts, hoodies, and pants.

Interestingly, she has listed two different spellings for the catchphrase - "Okurrr" and "Okurr" to prevent others from trying to rip off her idea with the shortened version.

A ruling on the petition has yet to be made.

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