Lupita Nyong'o Spooks Fans With Gold Contact Lenses During TV Interview

Stopping by 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' to promote 'Us', the 'Black Panther' actress explains that she is 'going for the darkest things in life' when the show host notes how 'arresting' her eyes are.

AceShowbiz - Lupita Nyong'o has freaked out her fans by donning gold coloured contact lenses for a TV interview.

The Oscar-winning actress made an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Monday night (March 18) to promote her new movie "Us", a psychological horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele, which follows a family who are confronted by a group of doppelgangers.

To pay homage to her "Us" character Adelaide Wilson and her double Red, Lupita showed up for the chat in a sparkly pink Bande Noir suit and bright gold contact lenses, with host Stephen immediately drawing viewers' attention to her bold look.

"Just because I want the audience to have the same experience I'm having right now, I just want to let everybody know out there that talking to Lupita Nyong'o was always engrossing because you have beautiful eyes but they're particularly arresting tonight. Can you show (the audience)?" he said, with his guest then glancing at the cameras and joking, "I could use some rest, you know?"

Lupita then went on to explain that the role had caused her to get in touch with her "dark" side.

"I'm going for the darkest things in life, right now. It's good to get it out," the 36-year-old laughed.

The star also uploaded a snap of her golden eyes on Instagram, with her followers amazed by the distracting choice, with one fan commenting, "Ehhh Lupita you almost made me drop my phone!" and another user writing, "Nearly had a heart attack mid-scrolling."

Elsewhere in the chat, Stephen Colbert confessed that he was afraid to watch horror movies and asked Lupita if she found it hard to make such a terrifying flick. Yet, she explained that the story was more "challenging" than scary to shoot.

"Well, no. Not when the scary thing is you, you know, which was the case in this movie," she responded. "I play Adelaide and she is traumatised by this thing that happened to her as a child... and she has this feeling that something bad is about to happen and it happens when her doppelganger shows up with her family to get her. And so, in this film, we were the monster, we never acted with ourselves, we never saw our scene partners, so that wasn't particularly scary to shoot - it was definitely technically challenging."

"Us", also starring Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker, opens in cinemas on Friday.

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