R. Kelly Claims Accuser Lies About Him Having Sex With Aaliyah's Mom

The 'Bump N' Grind' singer allegedly responds to the claims made by Lisa Van Allen in a TV interview about him, accusing her of smearing his name.

AceShowbiz - R. Kelly has reportedly addressed claims that he had sex with Aaliyah's mother Diane Haughton. In an interview with VLAD TV, one of Kelly's alleged victims, Lisa Van Allen, said that Kelly told her he and Aaliyah's mom had several sexual encounters.

Now, the disgraced singer allegedly has denied the claims. Sources close to the 52-year-old R&B star tells TMZ that Kelly insisted his relationship with Diane was nothing but friendly. He is additionally said of accusing Diane of further smearing his name and making the accusations to grab headlines for herself.

Lisa is one of several women who accused Kelly of sexual abuse on Lifetime's docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly". In an interview with VLAD TV, she said Kelly told her himself that when she stayed at Aaliyah's home in Detroit in the '90s, he'd wander into the living room and perform various sexual acts on the couch with her mom after Aaliyah fell asleep.

Lisa also claimed Kelly confirmed the rumors about him marrying Aaliyah in 1994 when she was just 15 years old because he got her pregnant. He faked her age as 18 in marriage certificate because he wouldn't want to get charged for getting the then-underage singer pregnant and believed that he would get away with the law if he said he didn't know Aaliyah's actual age at the time.

Lisa said Kelly revealed to her that he and Aaliyah had a pact not to tell anyone about their marriage, which was eventually annulled by her parents in 1995. When asked if Kelly's sexual relationship with Aaliyah's mother was the reason why the late singer's parents have remained silence about their daughter's marriage to Kelly, Lisa replied, "That makes sense to me."

Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg has previously claimed that Aaliyah lied about her age when they tied the knot.

In February, Kelly was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for alleged incidents from 1998 to 2010 involving four females, three of whom were teen minors at the time. He was released after posting $100,000 of his $1 million bail.

The "I Believe I Can Fly" hitmaker was arrested again earlier this month for owing $161,633 in child support to his ex-wife Drea Kelly. He walked free from jail after someone posted his bond. A judge recently denied his request to lower the $21,000 monthly payments he had previously agreed to in the couple's 2009 divorce.

Kelly is due back in court on March 22 for the sexual abuse case, and on May 8 for a hearing in the child support case.

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