Mark Ruffalo on Comparison to Noah Centineo: He's Way Better Looking Than I Was
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Asked if he knows the buzz about his resemblance to the 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' actor, the 'Avengers' star jokes to Jimmy Fallon that the younger actor might be able to play his dad.

AceShowbiz - Mark Ruffalo is very flattered by comparisons between himself and young star Noah Centineo.

Ever since Noah landed his Hollywood breakthrough in Netflix romcom "To All the Boys I've Loved Before", fans have remarked on how he has a similar appearance and voice to "The Avengers" actor.

Addressing the topic during an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Wednesday night, March 13, Mark insisted that the 22-year-old was much more handsome than him.

"He's way better looking than I was, yeah, are you kidding me? I wish I looked like that, I swear to God," he smiled, before adding jokingly, "He might be able to play my dad one day!"

Host Jimmy Fallon proceeded to pull out a recent photo of Noah and a snap of Mark when he was 15, which showed him with a mouth filled with metal braces. And the 51-year-old recalled how he had despised the heavy braces so much that he ended up pulling them off himself.

"Look at that, there's no teeth, it's just all braces. That's what it used to be like. I'd go swimming and sink to the bottom of the pool... I was supposed to have them on for five years, and I took them off a little early. With the pliers," the star winced. "It was my major act of rebellion in my youth!"

Elsewhere in the interview, host Jimmy asked Mark about the upcoming "Avengers: Endgame", in which he reprises his role as Bruce Banner / Hulk, and whether or not he got into trouble with Marvel Studios' producers by accidentally sharing a spoiler during his last chat on the talk show last October.

He noted that co-director Joe Russo wasn't pleased with him, and that he's banned from doing press tours with "Spider-Man" actor Tom Holland, who also has a reputation for divulging movie secrets.

"I'm going to put (Tom) in front of me as a human spoiler shield. I asked to be paired with him during the press and they rejected that," he laughed.

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