Bam Margera Sent to Behavioral Facility for Treatment After Comedy Club Meltdown

Prior to the intervention by his family, the former 'Jackass' star is caught on camera threatening his manager with violence after arriving to an empty comedy club in New York.

AceShowbiz - Bam Margera is reportedly undergoing treatment at a behavioural facility after his family intervened following a worrying meltdown.

Footage obtained by showed an apparently intoxicated Bam, 39, ranting, raving and threatening violence towards his manager before a comedy gig at the West Side Comedy Club in New York last Thursday, March 07.

A family source tells the U.S. gossip site the former "Jackass" star, who has long battled alcohol abuse problems, has now been admitted to a behavioural facility at his family's request, despite initially resisting their demands to undergo treatment.

According to TMZ, his family will now consult with specialists to help him get his life back on track, as they believe that he may have a personality disorder.

The shocking video showed Bam arriving at the empty New York City comedy club before a 10 P.M. slot, calling his manager a "f***ing p***y" and threatening him with violence when he tried to explain that his fans had not arrived at the venue yet.

He had cancelled his 7 P.M. slot at the club following an argument with his wife Nicole, who he slammed in an Instagram video recorded during the episode, in which he called her a "street ho" for confiscating his credit cards and leaving him behind.

The worrying incident comes less than two months after the skateboarder-turned-TV prankster's last rehab stint in January, which lasted 10 days before he checked himself out.

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