Bam Margera Has Been Sober, Started Skateboarding Again Since Moving to Countryside
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The 'Jackass' actor has reportedly managed to stay away from booze and stay away from trouble after moving out of city and living in a farm with his girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - Bam Margera is rumored to be celebrating one month sober as he enjoys a healthy new lifestyle in the countryside. "The Jackass" star was required to wear an alcohol-detecting anklet as part of his bail conditions stemming from an arrest in August and he also has to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and outpatient treatment - and now reports Bam has been sober for a month and living on a farm owned by a professional skateboarder near Philadelphia.

Bam is living there with his girlfriend Dannii and they have been hitting the gym together every day and going on hikes with their dogs, according to the outlet.

The report suggests the star has "lost a ton of weight" and started skateboarding again, adding that Bam has "kept a really tight circle of positive friends and influences." Sources also told the website Bam feels more positive about his recovery this time after years of substance abuse issues because he's "wanted to get sober for himself as opposed to being forced by family or friends through an intervention."

Bam's current legal troubles stem from his arrest over a row with a woman outside a hotel in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania in the early hours of August 9.

As well as wearing the SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) device for a minimum of 30 days, he also has to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly and agree to and complete the suggested outpatient treatment.It's believed Bam will be able to get the anklet removed if he is able to remain alcohol-free during those days.

Bam is also facing further legal issues stemming from an alleged assault on his brother Jesse back in April while the star's wife Nicole Boyd has filed for a legal separation.

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