Quavo Sparks Outrage for Getting Himself a Pet Tiger
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Many people, including comedian Whitney Cummings, slam the Migos member for owning an animal which shouldn't be kept as a pet.

AceShowbiz - There are various kinds of harmless animal that people can choose to be their pet, but Quavo goes all the way to buy a tiger and show it off on social media. Unsurprisingly, people are outraged over the fact that the one third of Migos owns the big cat when their kinds are supposedly not meant to be kept as pets.

Quavo debuted his pet tiger, Cho, through an Instagram video which was posted on Thursday, March 7. In the clip, the rapper was zooming in and out on his new pet's teeth before saying, "I just bought a tiger today. I got a handler right there, she's my handler." He then turned the camera to show a professional animal handler.

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Followers soon took to the comment section to criticize Quavo for buying an exotic animal which should be protected instead of be kept as pet. Many of them called him cruel and reckless for wanting to own a tiger, while comedian Whitney Cummings left a lengthy comment criticizing him.

"This is not cool. It's reckless to promote and glamorize this. You don't need tiger as a pet," the "2 Broke Girls" alum wrote. "Privately owned exotics end up in cages or in sanctuaries where other people have to care for them. Please stop. Happy to provide you information on why this was an irresponsible and poor decision."

One follower commented, "EWWW! This is disgusting and no wild animal should be on a damn leash. Smh. Straight ignorance and pure want to show off." Another slammed him, "You're an absolute douchebag man. You want to impress people, do something to help protect their natural habitat or protect them from poachers. Put your feet back on the ground."

Quavo has yet to respond to the criticism nor confirm whether he really owns the tiger. Should he really bought the big cat, it's high likely that the tiger will be confiscated.

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