'RHOBH': Lisa Vanderpump Slams Dorit Kemsley for 'Terrible Snoring' and 'Gas Problem'

This arrives after Dorit hits back at Lisa for accusing her of putting her dog, which she adopted from Lisa's shelter, at a kill shelter.

AceShowbiz - The feud between Lisa Vanderpump and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-star Dorit Kemsley continued in the current season 9 of the Bravo reality series. In the recent episode, the restaurateur took a jab at Dorit, accusing her of "terrible snoring" and having a "gas problem."

Lisa, who shared a room with Dorit on the private jet en route to the Bahamas, could be seen asking Kyle Richards, "Kyle, isn't there a three bedroom suite?" Kyle then responded, "Why would you live Dorit?!"

Lisa then explained, "We've got terrible snoring problem and gas problem," much to everyone's surprise. Some of the ladies cheered for Lisa with Lissa Rina saying, "Wow! She's back! Cheer!"

Kyle, meanwhile, pointed out that the jab might be taken too far.

In a confession interview, Dorit lashed out, saying, "What the f**k?! Are you kidding me?"

The feud between Lisa and Dorit stemmed from the dog that the latter adopted from Lisa's rescue. It was all good until Lisa found out that Dorit gave the pup away after it bit her kids and husband PK Kemsley, resulting it to go back to Lisa's shelter. While Dorit admitted that she did give away the dog, she denied putting it at a kill shelter like what Lisa claimed.

On her blog, Dorit shared that she felt like Lisa's "poison-laced comments" are meant to make her look like a "horrible person." She added, writing on February 20, "I feel sick to my stomach hearing Lisa V say in her interview that Lucy ended up in a kill shelter. It was confirmed to Lisa V and I both that it was NOT a kill shelter, that Lucy was never in danger nor brought to a kill shelter, and yet she and her team are relentless in trying to inflate the story. Lucy was at the shelter for an hour before the shelter contacted Vanderpump Dogs."

She continued, "When I watch her interview, I question if her seemingly kind but poison-laced comments are designed to set me up or simply make me out to look like a horrible person."

"Friends don't tell friends they’re not upset about something then go and act the complete opposite way," Dorit wrote. "For whatever reason, Lisa V fakes forgiveness as a means of appearing innocent or to make it look like she's doing you a huge favor when in reality she's stirring a big pot of passive aggressiveness that eventually reveals itself through snarky jabs."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c P.M. on Bravo.

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