The WE tv star seemingly thinks she's pregnant as she says, 'Grandma flow is a little late for her visit this month.'

AceShowbiz - June Shannon a.k.a. Mama June's journey following her drastic weight loss is set to be continued in upcoming season 3 of "Mama June: From Not to Hot". The WE tv reality show recently released first official trailer of the new season which seemingly sees Mama June returning to her old eating habits.

"Now, June is in danger on packing on the pounds and proving the haters right," the narrator says in voiceover as scenes of her eating uncontrollably are flickering on the screen. "I've gained a little bit of weight back, but I'm not going to be 450 pounds again," June insists in the trailer.

The trailer later suggests two possibilities on why Mama June is going back on her old eating habits as the narrator asks, "Is she chowing down on stress? Or is she eating for two?"

Mama June seemingly thinks she's pregnant as she says, "Grandma flow is a little late for her visit this month," referencing her period. It also appears that she will be visiting an OB/GYN center.

Somewhere in the trailer, Mama June's older sister Doe Doe asks the former's boyfriend Geno Doak, "Did you knock my sister up?" If he did, it could be hard for Mama June since Geno is seen being arrested in the trailer.

In addition to that, the trailer teases the "biggest showdown ever" for Mama June as her ex Mike Thompson a.k.a. Sugar Bear's girlfriend Jennifer appear to confront her. The latter seemingly will undergo the same surgery that Mama June took two years ago to lose some weight.

It's also revealed that manager Gina Rodriguez is planning to make Jennifer "the biggest weight loss story of 2019." Mama June is unfazed though as she claims, "Whatever, you are no competition."

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