Coco Rocha: Being Vocal About Sexual Harassment Has Cost Me Jobs

Asked to weigh in on #MeToo and Time's Up movements, the Canadian model acknowledges that the fashion industry is 'trying very hard to show diversity,' but notes that it comes 'very late.'

AceShowbiz - Coco Rocha has lost out on modelling jobs after speaking out on sexual harassment.

The Canadian model has been a catwalk regular since breaking onto the scene in 2006, and although she's booked work with some of the biggest names in fashion, like Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior and Chanel, she reveals being bold enough to speak out has meant some don't want to work with her.

"I don't know if I necessarily see a difference in my personal career because I've been vocal for over 10 years around my situations, and I was vocal with many girls," she said to StyleCaster when asked about the #MeToo and Time's Up movements. "And a lot of them, and myself, we lost jobs. It was because of (speaking out), and it was frustrating at the time. I am happy that this is changing and happy that we're evolving and moving forward, but it is also very late — when there was a lot of us speaking out."

The 30-year-old adds that although she's happy to see change coming about in the fashion and entertainment industry, she does consider the progress "very late".

However, she is pleased with the strides being made when it comes to diversity on the catwalk and in campaigns.

"I think the industry is trying very hard to open up and show diversity if that's skin colour, nationalities, religion, weight, size, which is great," she shared, adding: "We're slowly getting there."

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