Ryan Reynolds Recalls Scary Close Encounter With Bear in the Wild: We Flipped Out
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In a new interview, the 'Deadpool' star reveals that he and his friends manage to scare off the bear by screaming 'bloody murder.'

AceShowbiz - Before Ryan Reynolds got into recording booth to narrate the new documentary "Great Bear Rainforest", he already experienced firsthand how it felt encountering the animal up close in the wild. Speaking to USA Today, the actor recalled how his teenager self getting awoken by the sound of a bear scratching his tent.

The incident happened when he was still a tenth grader who spent a night with his friends at Garibaldi Provincial Park in Canada. As soon as they noticed that a bear was really close to them, they "naturally flipped out." He noted, "I don't think they make diapers secure enough for teenage boys at that age when something like that happens. My eyes were the size of dinner plates."

This prompted Ryan to pull a jackknife, but he didn't use it to fight the bear. Instead, he used it to create an escape route for him and his friends. "It was just so I could cut a hole in the tent so we could go out the other side if we needed to," he said. But it appeared that they didn't need to do that because the bear went away after hearing their scream.

"Yeah, we screamed bloody murder," the "Deadpool" star recalled. "The bear took off pretty quickly once we screamed."

Following the scary encounter, their group's leader checked out the tracks and found out that the bear who disturbed their sleep was still a baby. "I'm sure this cub meant no harm and was probably checking us out," Ryan noted, adding that they eventually left the place out of fear. "But it's still a sign to get the hell out of there. Because mama is going to be close by."

"Great Bear Rainforest" was directed by Ian McAllister. It is set to hit selected theaters in Canada starting from February 15.

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