Report: Safaree Samuels Nearly Bailed on 'LHH' Reunion Due to Erica Mena's Pregnancy Emergency

In related news, VH1 is threatening to take a legal action against the TV star for not fulfilling his contractual obligations.

AceShowbiz - Safaree Samuels is facing legal consequence after he showed up late for "Love and Hip Hop" reunion taping on Wednesday, February 13 on Atlanta. The reality TV star was late because he and fiancee Erica Mena were dealing with pregnancy complications, according to MTO News.

A source tells the site that they had a "pregnancy emergency." A friend of Erica shares, "Erica didn't feel right, and she had a bit of spotting." Safaree allegedly took Erica to the hospital as soon as possible and stayed with her until the doctor allowed Erica to go home. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with her pregnancy.

The gossip outlet further reports that the couple is wanting to keep her pregnancy secret because they are hoping to land a reality show together. It is said they want to announce that they are expecting their first child together on the show.

The pregnancy scare, however, happened when Safaree was supposed to film for the "Love & Hip Hop" reunion. TMZ reported that he "just arrived to the reunion in the last hour ... making a dramatic entrance halfway through the reunion."

Him arriving late meant he failed to make his "contractual obligation of the full day," making him face potential legal consequences from VH1.

TMZ, though, said that Safaree nearly bailed on the filming because of "what he called safety and mental health concerns." Viacom, VH1's parent company, allegedly promised him too make sure that he felt safe including additional security if a fight broke out, though he wouldn't budge.

In addition to threatening Safaree for not fulfilling in his contractual obligations, Viacom warns Safaree if they will bar from appearing on any other TV shows while under contract.

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