Madonna Gets Sued by Neighbors Over 'Endless Litigation' Against Apartment Building
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Residents of the historic Harperley Hall in Manhattan want the 'Material Girl' hitmaker to pay for their $140,000 legal fees stemming from her ongoing dispute over the building's co-op rule.

AceShowbiz - Madonna's neighbours are suing the star for $140,000 (£108,000) amid an ongoing dispute over her luxury apartment in Manhattan.

The singer's neighbours are said to be tired of her "endless litigation" against their apartment building, asking the Manhattan Supreme Court to recover $140,000 in legal costs that have been incurred over the past three years.

"Plaintiff is a revered performing artist, and her reputation and success are no secret," stated the residents of the historic Harperley Hall on W. 64th St. in a new filing. "But her unique ability to fund endless litigation, however meritless, prejudices the building’s innocent shareholders who are funding this litigation while also complying with the use provision that plaintiff seeks to invalidate for personal desires."

The dispute dates back to 2016 when the "Hung Up" singer sued the co-op over a rule that said that her children and domestic assistants could not live in her apartment unless she was "in residence" the whole of the time.

Opposing the rule, she suggested that she couldn't possibly spend all of her time in the $7.3 million (£5.6 million) pad because she is a "world-renowned recording artist" who is "constantly on world tours" and who "owns many residences around the world."

While the initial lawsuit was dismissed by a judge in 2017, the star has since appealed the ruling, prompting the neighbours to file the request to have the "Like a Prayer" hitmaker compensate them for their ongoing legal fees as a result of the dispute.

Speaking out against the claims, the residents highlighted the singer's "seemingly endless means to pursue litigation", calling the lawsuit and her claims "tenuous."

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