'AGT: The Champions' Final Performances Recap: Contestants Take the Stage Ahead of Winner Revelation

During the episode, Preacher Lawson jokes about how he is upset when he finds out that his 'nemesis' Darci Lynne is in the wildcard.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent: The Champions" is about to end soon. In the Monday, February 11 episode of the NBC talent show, 12 finalists took the stage for the last time before the winner will be revealed next week.

First up was singer Cristina Ramos, who won "Spain's Got Talent" in 2016. She hit the stage to belt out a stunning rendition of "Call Me". The judges loved it with Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B saying that her wild side was brilliant. Simon Cowell also praised her, telling her that her vocal was "insanely good."

Comedian Preacher Lawson performed next. He joked about how he was upset when he found out that his "nemesis" Darci Lynne was in the wildcard. He also turned the studio wild as he literally ripped his T-shirt off. "You are just funny, no matter what you say! Go to the next person!" Simon told him. Howie added, "Tonight I felt I was watching a star. Everything about you has gotten better."

The next performer was Darci, the singing ventriloquist who returned after winning season 12 of "America's Got Talent". During her act, her puppet Petunia sang Italian Opera in addition to Darci flaunting another facet of her singing ability. "Wow. Wow. Wow! This is your best ever performance. I think you may win tonight," Simon exclaimed.

Heidi Klum's Golden Buzzer winner Deadly Games later took the stage to bring their dangerous knife act. It seemed like they deliberately missed some shots at the beginning of their act to make it more thrilling for the audience before they reached the most death-defying part in their act, spinning target. One of them was on the board with a balloon, which was the target, placed over her head. He missed the shots several times, prompting the audience to scream in horror. Fortunately, he didn't miss the shot at the end of the act. They also included the judges in their act.

Kechi Okwushi sang Sia Furler's "Opportunity" that easily showcased her amazing set of pipes. Mel told her that she had become one of America's favorite acts, though she noted that she didn't like the song choice. Mel, unsurprisingly, earned boos from the audience.

Brian Justin Crum, another singer, opted for "Never Enough" from "The Greatest Showman". His performance made the judges raise to their feet to give him a standing ovation. "That was massive! You take us somewhere," Mel B said. Simon added, "You are a champion. This performance may change your life."

Magician Jon Dorenbos then performed. He got the judges involved in his act, doing some sort of a "greatest hits" of his tricks. "I'm stunned. Only two words to describe what you did-wildcard," Howie gushed.

Kid singer Angelica Hale attempted to wow everyone by singing "Impossible" by Shontelle. The 11-year-old appeared that she tried too hard by oversinging some big notes during her performance. "I don't know how the 50 states can choose a winner," Howie said.

The next performer was Kseniya Simonova, who received Terry Crews' Golden Buzzer. The sand artist talked about a WWII story this time featuring her destroying a photo of a couple sitting on a bench. Heidi loved it, dubbing Kseniya "a true artist." Simon agreed as he added, "This was one of the most beautiful creative things I have seen on the show."

Paul Potts took the stage to sing "Nessun Dorma", proving that he was an amazing pop opera singer. Howie admitted that he was a huge fan of him as he told him, "I loved it. I'm not an Opera fan. I'm a Paul Potts fan." Paul then said that his performance was a tribute to the late Neal E. Boyd, who won season 3.

Shin Lim returned with another jaw-dropping trick. This time, he asked Howie and Terry to help him. He made a card empty before transforming it into a tattoo on his chest. Simon admitted that it was "amazing," though he didn't think it would make him the winner.

Rounding out that night was Susan Boyle. She threw everything back as she performed "I Dreamed a Dream", the song she sang for her "Britain's Got Talent" audition. "The word champion isn't enough to describe who and how you perform," Howie said.

The winner of "AGT: The Champions" will be revealed in the upcoming season finale which is set to air on Monday, February 18 on NBC. The "superfans" from "all 50 states" will vote for the winner.

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