Sean Penn Explains Why Bradley Cooper's 'A Star Is Born' Should Sweep 2019 Oscars
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In an article piece about the 'American Sniper' star's directorial debut, the 'Milk' actor describes the musical drama as 'such a gift' and 'simply everything that movies should be.'

AceShowbiz - Sean Penn was so moved by Bradley Cooper's directorial debut "A Star Is Born" he has written an article gushing about the film.

The two-time Oscar winner is such a fan of the film, which stars Bradley, Lady GaGa and Sam Elliott, he believes it deserves to win every single one of the eight nominations the film has received ahead of the upcoming 2019 Academy Awards.

"In a fair world, 'A Star is Born' sweeps the awards," he wrote in the essay for Deadline. "It's just such a gift. Clear minds and hearts cannot possibly deny it its due. It's over and over again one of my favorite films of all time, harkening back to the essential filmmaking of ('In the Heat of the Night' director) Hal Ashby."

Normally steely Sean, who has starred in over 50 movies in his decades-long career, showed his soft side as a vulnerable actor in the column, opening up about how much "A Star Is Born" melted his heart and made him appreciate his experience as an artist.

"It's a triumph," he gushed of the film. "This is what inspires and encourages actors to remember what it is to operate as a character in the real world. To characterize without smoke and mirrors. To deeply move an audience with a human experience, and all that while supporting excellence among an entire cast and crew."

"Cooper, GaGa and Elliott should own the acting category and the film would do the academy a service."

And in Sean's eyes, "A Star is Born" is already a multiple Oscar winner. "To spare myself potential disappointment, I'm raising a glass in advance to Bradley Cooper and 'A Star is Born'," he declared. " 'A Star is Born' is simply everything that movies should be. If we honor anything, this should be it."

The 91st Academy Awards will take place in Los Angeles on February 24.

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