Elsa Pataky Opens Up About Effect of Going Without Exercise for Two Weeks
Women's Health Magazine

In a new magazine interview, the actress wife of Chris Hemsworth also talks about the holistic program called Centr that features their workouts, recipes and wellness inspiration.

AceShowbiz - Elsa Pataky can't go a fortnight without working out.

The Spanish actress and wife of "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth has been a health nut since she was a teenager and she is still in stunning shape after giving birth to the couple's three children, thanks to regular workouts, yoga sessions and stretching, and in a new interview with Women's Health she reveals that her sweat sessions help to keep her energy levels up and her mind focused.

"I can't be without training for more than two weeks. I just get really nervous and my energy starts to go down," Elsa told Women's Health. "When you start working out and your body's changing and you're achieving your goals, that's such a great thing.

"I think that's the motivation (to exercise) - feeling better and just being happy with you and knowing that you're healthy," the 42-year-old continued. "If you know you're taking care of your body and you're doing it for a reason, you can put aside the, 'I can't do it'."

While she puts in the time in the gym, Elsa shared that she's a fan of "exercise-snacking" - pumping out a few squats or doing some stretches to "feel strong" and energised whenever she has a spare moment.

The fitness devotee and Hollywood star Chris have now launched Centr, a holistic programme that features the couple's A-list workouts, recipes and wellness inspiration.

"The reason we created this programme (was to bring together) all the people we think are really good in fitness, nutrition and mindfulness," Elsa smiled. "I think those three things are very important to keep healthy and happy."

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