When expressing her appreciation to the Atlanta doctors and nurses, the 'Pitch Perfect' star specifically thanks a staff member whose name she couldn't remember for laughing at her joke.

AceShowbiz - Actress Anna Kendrick has thanked medical staff at an Atlanta, Georgia hospital for the care she received for a shock kidney stone nightmare.

The "Pitch Perfect" star went public with her recent health scare in a sweet Twitter note addressed to the experts who had taken good care of her as she received treatment for the painful condition, which is caused when a small, solid piece of material forms and blocks the urinary tract.

"So, I need to give a shout out to the Atlanta doctors and nurses who helped me through my first experience with kidney stones when I was at my most vulnerable and terrified," Anna wrote on Friday, February 01. "Especially the truly wonderful ladies: Renee, Sandra, Muriel, Beverly, Ashley, Nina, Callie, and...the young woman whose name started with 'L'?? I can't remember..."

Although she could't recall the last staffmember's name, the star admitted she is particularly fond of this nurse, because the medical professional laughed at one of her jokes while she was losing consciousness following the administration of anesthesia.

"In fairness, you were one of the people giving me the heavy s**t (drugs) right before I went under... but you laughed at my tired a** (weak) 'If I die, clear my search history' joke and I appreciate that," Anna shared, without clarifying if she underwent surgery for the kidney stone drama.

The "A Simple Favor" star then confessed she almost decided against going to the hospital, as she initially tried to shrug off her symptoms.

"I was worried that my pain would turn out to be 'nothing serious' or something that I should have been able to fight through," Anna explained. "I'm so grateful to these women. Even if we only interacted for a moment, know that the attention and kindness you give your patients is so appreciated".

Anna did not go into further detail about the incident, so it's unknown exactly when the health scare took place or how she is recovering.

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