Kecalf Franklin, the youngest son of the Queen of Soul, is currently serving time in jail after being arrested for driving under the influence.

AceShowbiz - It seems like the death of his mother is hitting him so hard. Aretha Franklin's youngest son Kecalf reportedly was arrested for drinking under influence not long after the death of his famous mother.

The Blast reported that Kecalf was arrested on October 27, 2018, two months following Aretha's death from a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. After pleading guilty to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, the 48-year-old was allegedly in court on December 19 and received the maximum sentence, 93 days.

He is said to be in custody since October last since. Additionally, Kecalf will remain behind bars until February 26.

Kecalf was Aretha's son whom she shared with her road manager Ken Cunningham. The Queen of Soul gave birth to Kecalf in 1970. He is brother to Teddy Richards, 54, Clarence Franklin, 64, and Edward Franklin, 62.

As previously reported, The Bloomfield Township Police Department in Michigan is currently conducting a criminal investigation after some of the late singer's valuable property were reported missing in June of last year.

Police Lt. Timothy Abbo confirmed to the Detroit Free Press late Thursday, January 10 that an active theft investigation is underway involving the Queen of Soul's suburban mansion. The investigation started before Aretha's death.

The revelation reportedly emerged Aretha's estate is locked in a battle with Franklin's 61-year-old son, Edward, who was born when the singer was just 14. Edward has been trying to get a court order to force the estate to produce monthly financial documents to Franklin's heirs. The estate refuses to turn over the information because they fear that it may negatively impact the criminal investigation into the missing assets.

While details of the stolen assets were not disclosed, it was reported that someone inappropriately used her funds before her death. It's unclear exactly how much money which was gone missing.

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