Ashton Kutcher Appears to Promote Social Media Platform by Sharing His Phone Number
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In automatic replies to fans who have sent him text messages, the former 'Two and a Half Men' actor says he welcomes them to 'my Community!'

AceShowbiz - Ashton Kutcher has surprised everyone by sharing his phone number. In a now-deleted tweet, the actor wrote, "I miss having a real connection w/ real people. My Community. From now on you can just text me."

Along with a GIF of himself saying, "You are the fabric of who we are, and we love you!" he revealed his phone number. He added, "I won't be able to respond to everyone but at least we can be real w/ each other & I can share the unedited latest & greatest in my world. +1 (319) 519-0576 Yes this is my#."

Unsurprisingly, Ashton has been bombarded with text messages from fans. In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, "I will repost soon... sms is a fragile beast."

Those who have sent him sms didn't have to wait too long to receive a reply. It's an automatic reply which reads, "Hey it's Ashton. This is an autotext to let you know I got your message, everything else will be from me. Make sure you click the link and add yourself to my phone so I can respond to you. Welcome to my Community!"

The texts continues, "This is what the lawyers are making me text you. There will be no more of that!!" It is followed by a certain link. Currently, the homepage of the website is inactive, but the specific link leads the Internet user to a page where one is asked to sign up by confirming phone number and asking for one's name, birthday, city, etc.

This suggests that the 40-year-old actor and tech entrepreneur shares his phone number to promote a new social media platform which will soon launch. The Terms of Service reveal that Community "provides its clients (including influencers, musicians, athletes, brands, actors, their agents, and others, collectively, 'Clients') the ability through a non-exclusive, revocable license to send and receive text messages from users of the Service by using a ten-digit phone number provided by COMMUNITY (the 'COMMUNITY Phone Number')."

Wired additionally reports that Community is the new name of Shimmur, Inc., which launched in 2014 to connect celebrities with their fans on social media. The application allows users to find their favorite celebrities' YouTube and Instagram pages.

Ashton has not released a statement addressing the alleged new social media platform.

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