Teyana Taylor on Threesome Rumor: Iman Shumpert 'Is Not Dumb' to Impregnate Another Woman
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The 'Gonna Love Me' songstress shuts down a rumor claiming her husband got a woman pregnant after the couple had a threesome.

AceShowbiz - Iman Shumpert knows better than to cheat on his wife Teyana Taylor, but it's clear that outsiders don't know about this. A wild rumor ran on the internet that the NBA player got another woman pregnant after the couple had a threesome, forcing the singer/dancer to set things straight once and for all.

On Monday, January 21, a Twitter user dared to ask Teyana for a confirmation on the crazy speculation, "@TEYANATAYLOR is it true the girl you brought home to have a threesome with you and your husband is pregnant, and it’s for that reason that you have deleted you IG?"

Not letting the rumor spread like wildfire, Teyana shut it down as she tweeted in response to the gossip, "1. I've never seen/touched that girl in my life. 2. My page is gone because I'm upset at @defjam for not dropping my damn 'WTP' video on time, per usual. 3. It's really sad that lies are entertained so much than the truth. 4. Iman is not dumb he know I'd kill him End of story."

The "Maybe" songstress also brought up an article in which Alby Rydes, a woman Teyana and Iman allegedly had threesomes with, said the athlete is not the father of her baby. Alby wrote on her Instagram Story, "I refuse to entertain fake rumors life is too big and time is too short to get caught up in empty drama..BUT to protect my energy i have to respond. Whoever is spreading these rumors just know ITS FAKE NEWS AND IT AINT HIS BABY."

"Yall should be ashamed for creating this negative energy and throwing it around like it wont effect (sic) anyone," she continued. "I had my baby with the man i was dating and that man aint Iman. So please stop making fake stories just to get some likes and for everyone else believing these blogs is a no better person. Now leave me the f**k alone."

Realizing that people love the drama better than the truth, Teyana commented on Alby's clarification, "Everybody will act like they don’t see this part tho lol."

It's unclear how the threesome story began. The couple has been happily married since 2016. They welcomed their first child together, Junie, on December 16, 2015.

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