Millie Bobby Brown Urges People to Spread Love After Being Schooled for Inappropriate Dress
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The 'Stranger Things' actress appears to clap back at the Internet trolls who criticize her for wearing a tight snakeskin midi dress and heels.

AceShowbiz - Millie Bobby Brown isn't letting the hate she receives from people on the Internet eat her up. The 14-year-old actress uses her status as a celebrity to spread more kindness and love after being trolled for dressing more mature than her age.

She wrote on Instagram Stories on Saturday, January 12, "If we could spread love as quickly as we spread hate and negativity, what an amazing world we would live in." She added to the haters, "ik everyone on my last pic wants me to 'act my age' but quite frankly its my instagram and if I choose to post that picture and you don't like it... scroll past it."

Millie's posts on her Instagram Stories came after she was criticized for posting pictures of her wearing a tight snakeskin midi dress and heels, which some people deemed were inappropriate for her age. The "Stranger Things" star let her followers think a caption for the photos, writing along with it, "write a caption."

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write a caption

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Some tried to advise the teen star to not grow up too fast. "Don't be in such a hurry to grow - enjoy being a kid cause it doesn't last long," one wrote. Another harshly commented, "Act your age for once."

Someone else further pointed out, "Heels at 14? I guess but if it was a regular non celebrity kid their parent would been ripped to shreds...which makes total and complete sense imagine goin to middle school in heels? Oookkkkk."

But many couldn't agree with those haters. "I love people telling her to act her age... yet they are sitting on Instagram trying to bully a 12 year old... you know who does that??? Other 12 year olds. Perhaps you should take your own advice??" one hit back at them.

Another assured Millie, "You are beautiful anyone who says other wise is just jealous and envious that they couldn't pull it off on a bet... Be yourself do as you please." A mother defended the British actress, "I have a 14 yo granddaughter that dresses much the same way. I think both of them look very beautiful!!!"

Agreeing, someone else wrote, "Millie Bobby Brown is very mature for her age. I will say that. I support her." The said Instagram user added, "She is beautiful and very talented and gifted. There is nothing wrong in what she's wearing."

Another wrote a lengthy comment which read, "I have to laugh at some or most of the hate posted here or at Instagram. Millie Bobby Brown doesn't need your advice on what to wear. First off she's a very gifted talented young actress already in the limelight. She's also a professional young teen model and has appeared on many magazines. She has won awards for her hit show on Netflix Stranger Things which is incredible. She needs those out there for parenting advice."

Someone else tried to be neutral and tried to stop the debate. "I would say it's inappropriate but it's not my choice on what she wears at her age. Mainly cause my parents wouldn't let my sister wear that 10 to 14 years old," he explained. "Not sure why this deserves to be on the news. People will always talk."

Millie, who was appointed as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in November 2018, previously revealed that she had been a victim of bullying. "I've been through a lot of bullying - through school and also through cyber bullying online," she said at the time. "And I think that's why I so excited to work with UNICEF and I'm excited to inform world leaders and people, strangers walking in the street, I'm excited to let them know that change is coming."

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