Gina Rodriguez Spills Awful 'Jane the Virgin' Audition Involving Exposed Butt
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Aside from talking about her most embarrassing moment, the 'Miss Bala' actress also opens up about her ideal perfect date night and the most romantic thing her fiance did.

AceShowbiz - Actress Gina Rodriguez still blushes when she recalls ripping her skirt and exposing her butt while auditioning for "Jane the Virgin".

The TV beauty was dressed to impress for the screen test, but an unexpected wardrobe malfunction left her face red and her rear exposed.

"My most embarrassing moment during an audition was pilot season (of 'Jane the Virgin')," the 34-year-old tells Us Weekly. "The year I booked Jane, I ripped my pencil skirt down the back in the audition, no panties. It was awful."

As Gina prepares to debut the fifth and final season of her hit comedy series this spring, her attention is turning to fiance Joe LoCicero, who she met on set and then reconnected with at her local boxing gym.

The star can't wait to spend more time relaxing with her man at home.

"The ideal perfect date night (includes) bomb food, a movie and talking 'til it's time to go to sleep," she gushes, before admitting he has won the key to her heart forever by scrubbing her floors.

"The most romantic thing (my fiance) Joe LoCicero does is cleaning because he knows that my peace and balance come from everything being clean," Gina smiles. "Cleaning my house is what I do to escape."

The final season of "Jane the Virgin" premieres in the U.S. on 27 March, but Gina has plenty of other career news to celebrate before that - the star's new highly-anticipated action thriller "Miss Bala (2019)", about a woman who takes on the bosses of a Mexican drug cartel to rescue her kidnapped friend, reaches U.S. theatres on 1 February.

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