Sarah Paulson Fondly Recalls Fun Swear-Off With Samuel L. Jackson
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During an interview on 'The Graham Norton Show', the 'Bird Box' actress spills on her unusual tactic in getting her 'Glass' co-star to like her.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Paulson once engaged in a "swear-off" with her "Glass" co-star Samuel L. Jackson.

The actress plays psychologist Dr. Ellie Staple in the superhero thriller, which also features Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, and Anya Taylor-Joy, and was keen to impress Samuel.

As a result, Sarah resorted to an unusual tactic in order to get to know the "Pulp Fiction" star.

"I just wanted Samuel L. Jackson to like me. He is an incredibly formidable human and right away you feel that if he likes you, you are going to be O.K. in life," she gushed in an interview on "The Graham Norton Show", which airs in the U.K. on Friday night, January 11. "We had a bit of a swear-off. I have a potty mouth and so does he. It was a lot of fun!"

Filming "Glass" was also Sarah's first time working with M. Night Shyamalan, who is best known for directing "The Sixth Sense", and she had no reservations whatsoever about teaming up with the 48-year-old filmmaker.

"I burst into tears when M. Night Shyamalan called to tell me. I really wanted to work with him. I said yes without even looking at the script," Sarah recalled. "It was desperation and admiration."

Sarah also recently starred in Netflix hit "Bird Box" alongside her "Ocean's 8" co-star Sandra Bullock, which according to bosses at the streaming service, had the biggest seven-day viewership for any of its original films to date. However, the 44-year-old admitted she didn't need to try very hard to act scared in the spooky flick.

"Well, because I'm truly freaked, freaked out. It's not a lot of acting," she laughed.

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