Jake Paul's Dangerous 'Bird Box' Challenge Video Removed From YouTube After Backlash

The video sees the YouTube star and his friend George Janko driving super fast and navigating a busy street while being blindfolded.

AceShowbiz - Even though Netflix has issued a warning not to do the "Bird Box" challenge due to safety issue, Jake Paul still decides to attempt the challenge and even takes it to a whole new level. On Monday, January 7, the YouTube personality shared on the video-sharing platform a clip of him blindfolding himself for 24 hours along with his friend George Janko.

The beginning of the video sees the two of them driving super fast only to hit a piece of art and smash through some trash and recycling cans. Later on, after getting kicked out of a library for yelling and screaming, Jake and George navigate a busy street blindfolded without anyone guiding them. Many drivers obviously honk at them, prompting their upset cameraman to tell them, "That's not funny, all right? That's not funny." He then helps them cross the street.

The challenge ends after Jake is tricked into walking down a hill and into a pond. "That's way too far," he says. "Literally, I'm done. I'm done. That's not even cool. It's freezing bro, I'm literally going to get hypothermia. I'm going home. End the video. I'm pissed, I'm leaving."

Internet users were to quick to criticize the brother of Logan Paul for uploading the video despite Netflix's warning. Some even went as far as calling Jake an "idiot." One user said, "Seriously, why does YouTube keep people like Jake Paul on their site; when all he does is violating their standards and being a genuine a**." Another wondered, "Do people actually like you? That was the dumbest f***ing thing I've ever seen on the internet."

Some others, meanwhile, were hoping to see Jake getting hit by a car. "tbh I wish u did get hit by a car," one individual said, as one other echoed the remark, "Would be worth the watch if you actually got hit."

The video has been removed from YouTube following the backlash.

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