Dick Cheney's Daughter Unearths Christian Bale's Dirty Laundry After Comparing Father to Satan
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Elizabeth Lynne Cheney and 'Fox and Friends' hosts have hit back at the 'Vice' actor for insulting the former veep during his speech at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.

AceShowbiz - Christian Bale has enraged Dick Cheney's daughter and other Republican supporters after his "Satan" comparison at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. The actor threw a subtle shade at the former vice president during his acceptance speech at the Sunday, January 6 ceremony.

Cheney's daughter Elizabeth Lynne Cheney didn't take this lightly. Responding to Bale's remark, she hit back at the actor by pointing out his own dirty laundry. "Satan probably inspired him to do this, too," she wrote on Twitter, adding a link to a 2008 article about Christian Bale getting arrested for "assault on mother and sister."

"Fox & Friends" hosts also slammed Bale for insulting Cheney. "Christian Bale is a really good actor and really despises Republicans, especially Dick Cheney," said co-host Brian Kilmead after playing a clip of the "Vice (2018)" actor's speech at the Golden Globes. "It's just a real insult to a guy who spent his whole life in public service, from secretary of defense, to chief of staff, to vice president of the United States," he added.

Fellow co-host Steve Doocy chimed in, saying, "There was Christian Bale being political [when] the show was otherwise politics free."

Bale, who won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy for portraying Dick Cheney in "Vice", said in his acceptance speech, "Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration for playing this role." He added that he is now "cornering the market on charisma-free a**holes."

Prior to winning the award, Bale spoke highly of Cheney. "He was a wonderful family man - he's a great dad, he's an avid reader, he has a brain like a vice and he constantly reads history," he said of the former veep in a December interview with Fox News. "He was very laid-back. He would have been very happy to be a lineman in Wyoming if he hadn't met Lynne [Cheney's wife, Lynne Vincent], who said to him, 'No, that doesn't cut it. You need some ambition.' What would have been if they hadn't met?"

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