Ariana Grande Enamored by James Corden's 'Thank You, Next' Parody
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Corden teams up with Jeff Goldblum to give a ticklish twist at Grande's music video for her latest hit single, leaving the 'Breathin' singer requesting for the 'Thank U, Jeff' book.

AceShowbiz - Ariana Grande was thrilled by James Corden and Jeff Goldblum's spoof about her song "Thank U, Next".

As part of "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Wednesday night, December 05, host James and actor Jeff got together to parody the singer's video for her hit tune, in which she references memorable scenes from films such as "Mean Girls", "Bring It On" and "Legally Blonde".

For their version, James is seen flicking through a "Thank U, Jeff" book filled with moments from the "Jurassic Park" star's career, much to Ariana's amusement.

"omg (oh my God) ...... may i please..... please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book? it's for a friend. Promise (sic)," she wrote on Twitter shortly after the spoof aired.

As well as flipping through the "Thank U, Jeff" book, James altered the lyrics to the song so that they reflect the 66-year-old's life and career.

"He taught me love, he taught me patience, he taught me pain, Jeff Goldblum's amazing. He's a silver fox, with black thick-rimmed glasses, the way that he talks, would charm all you're a*ses," he sings. "First saw him in 'The Fly', but his face as grotesque, then he won Independence from an alien mass, and in 'Thor: Ragnarok' his performance was classic."

At the end of the clip, Jeff appears a little concerned by James' behaviour, even though the audience was thoroughly amused.

"That journal with all the pictures of me... have you had that for a while? You compiled that?" he questioned, to which the presenter promised, "I'll get rid of it."

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