Diddy Gives James Corden Sex Advice on 'Carpool Karaoke'

During the popular segment in a new episode of 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', the British TV personality gets a lot of advice about lovemaking from the 44-year-old rap mogul.

AceShowbiz - James Corden learned a lot of things during "Carpool Karaoke" with Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. During the popular segment in the Thursday night, April 20 episode of "The Late Late Show with James Corden", the host got a lot of advice about lovemaking from the rap mogul.

Kicking off the segment, the 53-year-old rapper explained that the reason he welcomed his seventh child, daughter Love, in December 2022 was because he'd recently gotten back into music. "You know how there's no more baby-making music? I had to make my new baby to… I had to go back [to] all '90s music and make a playlist to make a new baby to," he told James. "I'll send it to you, it's like the Super Bowl of R&B and it's a lovemaking album."

The "Last Night" spitter added that music was one of the most important ways for him to get things moving with his partner. Of his tips about setting the mood, Diddy spilled, "A red lightbulb, yeah. Put the kids to bed. Put it on. The thing is, it's called off the grid, so there's no phones allowed. So you have to disconnect your phone and really lock in with your significant other."

When James told the star that he usually turned off his phone during sex, Diddy clarified, "No this [isn't] during sex, this is the build-up! Do you and your wife just go straight to it, do y'all go in hot?" He then advised the British TV personality to "slow down your roll" and dance to some music while drinking his DeLeon tequila.

"You say, 'Baby, you want to dance?' And then you press play," he said. "You get into your bop. She's bopping with you. You're making eye contact. You got to take your time and smell her, talk sweet nothings into her ear, man. You're not rushing…. All you have to do is just put on the album and then just, you know, be. Get out your head."

During the segment, the two teamed up to sing some of Diddy's hits including "Bad Boy for Life", "Diddy", "I'll Be Missing You", "I Need a Girl (Pt. 2)" and "New York, New York". Also in the episode, Diddy revealed that the only two people who called him by his given name, Sean, are his mother Janice and fellow rapper Jay-Z. Eventually, Diddy allowed James to call him Sean too.

"Because you're James Corden, you can call me Sean. I want you to feel this. You know when you got excited to get up this morning?" he said. "You should have, you know what I'm saying? Because I brought the super with the star." James responded, "If it's just me and Jay-Z… J.C. and Jay-Z are Sean-approved. That is too much for me."

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