Video: Tristan Thompson Almost Gets Into Brawl at Brooklyn Game

The Canadian athlete is close to lose his cool when people can't stop booing him after his team Cleveland Cavaliers wins against Brooklyn Nets.

AceShowbiz - Tristan Thompson could keep his cool when Kendall Jenner jokingly heckled him at a recent game, but definitely not some strangers who cheered on the opposing team. The Canadian athlete almost got into a fight after a group of fans in the stands couldn't stop booing him when his team Cleveland Cavaliers won against Brooklyn Nets on Monday night, December 3.

In a video which was obtained by TMZ, Tristan could be seen standing in the corner of the court as the game came to an end. Many fans of Nets then started booing him, prompting him to turn his back to them with a clear anger on his face. There's no doubt that Tristan was so close to fight the fans, but he ultimately went away while flipping the bird to the hecklers.

Still, his move shocked the people on the receiving ends, with one of them yelling, "Get out of here, you bum." There was also a person who was heard screaming, "Someone's gotta get that on video!"

It's unknown whether Tristan will be fined for flipping the bird at hecklers, as Kevin Durrant was fined $25,000 by the NBA for telling a heckler to "watch the f***ing game and shut the f**p up" a few weeks back.

While people were most likely booing Tristan because Brooklyn Nets lost against his team, the Canadian athlete reportedly felt that it was due to his infamous cheating scandal. According to Radar Online, Tristan knew what he did to the hecklers was poor, but he couldn't help himself. "He's young and kind of a brat. He is a super rich athlete and he's been getting killed lately," a source told the gossip site. "He tries to ignore things, but he can't."

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