Mel B's Daughter Recalls Walking Away When Mother Got Beaten by Ex
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Phoenix Chi opens up about the Spice Girls member's abusive relationship with Stephen Belafonte, claiming that there are things she can't forget after witnessing the violence.

AceShowbiz - Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B's daughter has claimed she saw her mother being beaten by Stephen Belafonte.

Phoenix Chi, 19, who is the Spice Girls star's eldest daughter, shared with ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, made the startling revelation in an interview with Mail on Sunday's You magazine.

The teenager said there are "things I can't forget" after allegedly seeing her former stepfather Stephen acting violently during the marriage.

"I was maybe 14 or 15. I was in my bedroom. I could hear them fighting," Phoenix claimed. "My mum came downstairs to the kitchen followed by Stephen."

"I looked through the crack halfway up the stairs - where I could just see the kitchen - to check if everything was OK, which it was, then returned to my room," she recalled.

Sadly lamenting that it was just "family life," Phoenix said she saw her mother pushed over a couch.

"I heard more screaming and her shouting, 'Stop, get off', and heard little thumps. I went to the stairs again and saw my mum pushed over the couch. I froze, but then I just went back (to her room). This was my family life," she added.

Phoenix also described being called out of class to go to hospital in 2014 after her mother desperately tried to take her own life.

In an excerpt of her new memoir, "Brutally Honest", Mel confessed she decided to end her life to escape her tumultuous relationship from her then-husband, Stephen.

"I know she was going through hell but I never thought she'd think of leaving us," Phoenix said of her mother's tragic suicide attempt.

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still can’t stop crying ,I’m beyond words @phoenixisphoenix I really really am,your soo brave and clear in your story,you have shared some of the most personal things in your own words with @youmagsocial I remember I told you not to do it but you were adamant that you did saying to me “mum it’s not just you that was affected it’s us too,your kids” and you were and you are right,you my kids my family and my friends where all effected by my 10 years of abuse,that’s why phoenix by you doing this with your own voice makes me Even more proud of you,not only as my 19 year old beautiful strong daughter but you as an eloquent bright compassionate young lady wanting to help kids that have gone threw the same thing you have since you were 10 years old,wow phoenix I can’t wait to hug and squeeze you my love and HUGE thankyou to @louise.gannon97 for helping me write about all this in our book! #speakout #yournotalone @womens_aid #mystoryisyourstory

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Mel has accused Stephen of abusing her and being violent towards her during their marriage - something he has repeatedly denied.

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