The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' alum apologizes after drawing backlash over a reminder for herself not to overeat on Thanksgiving, but some Instagram users defend her.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Michelle Gellar is sorry for her Instagram post in which she reminded herself not to overeat on this coming Thanksgiving. Two days before the festivity, the actress shared throwback photos of herself from Maxim's December 2007 issue. In the images, the blonde beauty bared her taut tummy and toned legs in black lingerie.

She captioned the shots with "I'm just going to pin these up all over my house as a reminder not to overeat on Thursday," adding the hashtag #thanksgivingprep. Some fellow stars took her post lightly. Debra Messing jokingly wrote, "Are you KIDDING ME!?!" while Tiffani-Amber Thiessen said she might use the photos as her inspiration to maintain her shape, too.

But other Instagram users were clearly offended by the post, accusing her of promoting "eating disorders." One wrote, "Buffy, please don't promote diet culture. Not the kind of message we should be sending. Usually love your posts but I'm seriously against 'thinspiration.' It's a core of most eating disorders."

Another advised her, "Live your life girl!! Eat the delicious food!! Don't worry about tomorrow!"

One other wrote a harsher comment, "Wow. Really shocked that a woman in a position of influence and a mother would post this ... Is that where you place your value? On the size of your thighs? Or your protruding hip bones? Nothing positive comes from this post. Only narcissism and [the] theory that women need to be skinny to be acceptable. You should remove this post. Immediate unfollow from me."

Noticing that her post has caused controversy, Sarah has apologized in a comment on her post. "It's come to my attention that some people think I was 'fat shaming' with this post. That could not be further from my intentions," she wrote.

The 41-year-old actress went on explaining, "I love Thanksgiving and unfortunately my eyes are often bigger than my stomach, and I tend to eat so much I make myself sick. This was a joking reminder to myself not to do that. I'm terribly sorry that people were offended by my attempt at humor. Any one that knows me, knows I would never intentionally 'shame' any one on any basis. I am a champion of all people."

Sarah has also received support from fans who think those critics were overreacting to her post. "Haha I love this post. Now a days, so many are easily offended. Get it girl!! Do what you gotta do," one defended Sarah. Another slammed the critics, "omg ignore people! They look for s**t everywhere and for the bad in everything! F*** them!!"

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