Jimmy Kimmel Cracks Sarah Silverman F***ing Matt Damon Joke During Walk of Fame Ceremony

During his speech, the father of two also reminisced the first time they met in 2011, at the Comedy Central Roast of Hugh Hefner.

AceShowbiz - Jimmy Kimmel showed immense support for ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman by attending her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Friday, November 9. The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host also gave a speech during the event and managed to turn it into an opportunity to roast his enemy Matt Damon.

Jimmy, who used to date the comedienne, talked about the time when the 47-year-old actress created the mega-popular "I'm F***ing Matt Damon" music video. "Who can forget her smash hit viral video, 'I'm effing Matt Damon'? I know I can't," Jimmy remarked during his speech. "Sarah won an Emmy for that appearance on my show."

The late-night host also sang his ex praises, talking about their relationship. "Sarah and I dated for seven years. She mentioned me in her 300-page autobiography four times. I looked it up last night," he sweetly said. But, obviously, Jimmy made his speech hilarious by adding, "She mentioned farting 13 times. It has always been her first love."

The father of two also reminisced the first time they met in 2011, at the Comedy Central Roast of Hugh Hefner. "She was very nice to me before the show and then once we got on stage, I introduced her and she said, 'Jimmy Kimmel, everyone! He's fat and has no charisma," he recalled.

All the jokes aside, Jimmy concluded his speech by genuinely praising the two-time Emmy winner. "Sarah, you really do deserve this honor. You rank among the great comedians. I think you are a vastly underrated and excellent actress. You sing, you write, you kind of play guitar, you really can do it all," he said.

Sarah also took the podium to deliver her own touching speech after receiving the 2,649th star. She said that she was honored to get her star placed next to the beloved Mr. Rogers. "I can't believe it, I'm next to my number one hero, Mr. Rogers," she said. "He taught me I'm the only one qualified in the whole world to be me and that I deserve love, just only the way I am."

She added, "And now I literally get to be his neighbor forever, which I have to think is maybe bittersweet for him."

In addition to Jimmy, her famous friends like Jon Hamm and John C. Reilly were among the attendees to show support during her big day.

1. Blowing a Kiss

Blowing a Kiss

The "Wreck-It Ralph" star looks stunning in a black dress while receiving the 2,649th star of Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2. Ex-Boyfriend Support

Ex-Boyfriend Support

Jimmy Kimmel took the stage to give a hilarious speech before concluding it with genuine praises for Sarah.

3. Happy-Go-Lucky Friends

Happy-Go-Lucky Friends

Donning a comfortable outfit that consisted of a shirt and a pair of jeans, Jon Hamm attended the ceremony.

4. Congratulation!


Joined by John C. Reilly and Leron Gubler, Jimmy and Sarah posed with the star.

5. A Kiss for a Good Pal

A Kiss for a Good Pal

Sarah planted a friendly kiss on John's cheek.

6. Goofy Exes

Goofy Exes

Being exes doesn't always mean to be cold to each other as Jimmy and Sarah comfortably posing together for a photo.

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