Kesha Accuses Dr. Luke of Sealing Evidence That 'Corroborates' Her Rape and Abuse Allegations
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The songstress also claims that the record producer is still making millions despite his defamation allegations.

AceShowbiz - Kesha a.k.a. Ke$ha is attempting to use Dr. Luke's continued earnings to prove allegedly defamatory comments she made against him have not harmed his career.

The "Tik Tok" hitmaker has been locked in a bitter legal battle with her former mentor since 2014, when she attempted to sue him for the reported sexual, physical, and emotional abuse she allegedly endured during the 10 years they worked together at the start of her career. She also tried to free herself from her recording contract with his label, Kemosabe Records, but her bid was denied in 2016.

Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, vehemently dismissed her accusations, and subsequently countersued Kesha, charging her with defamation.

Summary judgement motions were filed in the New York case on Friday, November 02, and Kesha's lawyers are said to have accidentally made their court brief regarding the news public, instead of keeping the details sealed until both sides can agree on what will remain confidential.

A copy obtained by The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Kesha is seeking to have the names of the artists Luke has worked with since 2014 made public, and use that to show that her sexual assault allegations have done little to severely damage his credibility in the music industry.

"Dr. Luke may not want the public to know that he continues to earn millions of dollars and work with the music industry's most coveted artists - while Kesha remains trapped in a 13-year-old contract under which she earns little-to-no record royalties - but that preference alone does not warrant sealing," her lawyers argue in the note.

They also claim Luke and his attorneys are eager to seal evidence that "corroborates Kesha's rape and abuse allegation," while accusing the producer of filling his latest court filing with "highly biased testimony from his friends and business partners that sexual misconduct is inconsistent with his character".

Kesha is seeking a summary judgement in the case, instead of having it decided by a jury, which could land her with a $40 million (£30.8 million) bill for damages.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry is also embroiled in a related court fight with Luke, as she wants to keep her testimony, provided as part of the dispute, under wraps.

The "Roar" hitmaker sat for a deposition last year (17) to discuss her experience of working with Luke, after it was suggested that she had once been raped by the beatmaker. She shot down the claims when the news leaked over the summer, and insisted she was never in a sexual or romantic relationship with him.

However, she wants to keep aspects of her testimony sealed from future court references by Luke, while he is seeking the freedom to share the comments she made under oath, three months after he and Kesha agreed to keep depositions from both Perry and pal Lady GaGa private.

Rulings on both matters have yet to be made.

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