Lili Reinhart Backs 'Riverdale' Co-Star Shannon Purser Amid Online Attack

While everyone moved on, it appears that some fans who avidly ship Bughead are still so hung up on a particular scene in last week's episode of The CW's series.

AceShowbiz - What's scarier than die-hard jealous shippers? "Riverdale" star Shannon Purser, who plays a character named Ethel on The CW's series, knows first hand how brutal fans can be should things don't go their way even if it's about something fictional.

Last week's episode of the series season 3 saw Ethel telling Cole Sprouse's character Jughead that he should kiss her in order to get the "scripture" for the Griffins and Gargoyles game he was investigating. As he had no other option, Jughead decided to give her a quick peck.

While everyone moved on, it appears that some fans who avidly ship Bughead (a shipper name for Lili Reinhart's Betty Cooper and Sprouse's Jughead from fans) are still so hung up on it that they have been trolling Purser on social media.

The "Sierra Burgess Is a Loser" star took to Twitter to call out the haters. Alongside a Spongebob meme, she wrote, "All the stans who finally feel comfortable calling me fat/ugly now that Ethel has interfered with their ship."

She went on adding in a now-deleted tweet, "I'm not stressed about it, trust me. I just wonder what these people will think in like 10 yrs when they remember their twitter and realize they insulted and attacked real human beings for their character on a tv show..."

Reinhart then came in her defense and went against the online harassment that Purser has been receiving. "Shannon is my friend," the real-life girlfriend of Sprouse tweeted. "It is embarrassing that people felt the need to attack her personally for something that happened on a SHOW. Written by WRITERS. You are not a fan of mine if you treat my friend like this."

Some fans also defended Purser and asked others to stop harassing her for what her TV character did on the show. "gutted at all the hate people seem to be giving @shannonpurser because she is interfering with your ship look we all love Betty and Jughead but please do not down grade a girl for not being what all you lot want to be skinny or that she is ugly," a fan wrote.

"K so i read that 'bughead' shippers are coming after @shannonpurser after tonights episode of #riverdale & I just want to say one thing to all you obsessed fans: It's a fictional show!The characters aren't real!The actors are not their characters!Take a freakin chill pill,my word," another tweet read.

"Riverdale" season 3 airs Wednesdays at 8 P.M. on The CW.

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