Troye Sivan Belts Out 'Boy Erased' Haunting Soundtrack 'Revelation' for First Time on TV
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Backed by a stunning live string quartet, the South African-born singer displays his dreamy vocals on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'.

AceShowbiz - Troye Sivan joined Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges promoting their upcoming movie "Boy Erased" in the Tuesday, October 30 episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". During the episode, the South African-born singer debuted televised performance of soundtrack to the movie, "Revelation".

Backed by a stunning live string quartet, Sivan displayed his dreamy vocals as he belted out the song which was inspired by a scene in the film where the protagonist has a pure interaction with another boy for the first time. "It's a revelation/ There's no hell in what I've found/ No kingdom shout," he rhymed. "How the tides are changing/ As you liberate me now/ And the walls come down."

Talking about how the song came to be at a recent show in New York, Sivan explained that it happened after Joel Edgerton showed one particular scene in the movie to him. "It's this one really sweet, tender moment where Jared does something that I would consider pure and beautiful and normal and romantic," he said.

"He has that experience and the sky doesn't fall down on him. The world doesn't come crashing down, and it's a 'revelation' to him," the "Bloom" singer added. "That person that he was with is a revolution to him, and it was just so inspiring. So, we started with these lyrics of 'you're a revelation, you're a revolution.' "

Directed and written by Edgerton, "Boy Erased" follows Jared Eamons (Hedges), the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town who is outed to his parents (Kidman and Russell Crowe) as gay at the age of 19. Jared is quickly pressured into attending a gay conversion therapy program or else be shunned by his family, friends and church. It is within the program that Jared comes into conflict with its head therapist.

The movie is scheduled to be released in the United States on November 2.

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