Olivia Culpo's Beau Danny Amendola 'Is Playing Both Sides' After Spotted With Another Woman

While the NFL star tries to convince his girlfriend that he and the mystery woman are just friends, Olivia is reportedly not buying it and 'is very disappointed.'

AceShowbiz - What is the status of Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola's relationship after he's caught getting cozy with another woman when his girlfriend wasn't around? Words are the couple did not officially split, but they are not exclusive either.

Since they rekindled their romance in June this year, the NFL star hasn't been taking their relationship seriously, a source tells PEOPLE. "Danny and Olivia did not officially split. Danny is playing both sides," the so-called insider adds. "Danny never viewed Olivia as an exclusive girlfriend."

"She came to Miami or New England [when he played for the New England Patriots] all of the time and they dated, but it was more her putting in the travel effort than him. Olivia refers to Danny as her boyfriend but he doesn't refer to her as his girlfriend. He could care less about making it official," the source goes on sharing.

As for his romantic beach outing with the mystery woman, who is now identified as Miami-based CBS sports journalist Bianca Peters, the source says, "Danny is playing both sides. He's saying that the day with Bianca was just him having fun. She's a reporter, he's a football player. I think in his mind he got caught so he's trying to diffuse it."

Olivia was reportedly "blindsided" by pictures of Danny cozying up to another woman, but it's not likely she'll break up with him. The source says, "She'll probably be back in Miami for the next home game."

Another source tells E! News that "Olivia is very disappointed and shocked about the photos that came out with Danny getting cozy with another girl." The wide receiver for Miami Dolphins tried to convince Olivia that "Bianca is a longtime friend and they were just catching up" and that "nothing is going on between them, and that he is really happy with Olivia," but the 26-year-old model/actress "is not totally buying it."

And now the "status of their relationship is up in the air," the source adds. Olivia's friends are not happy with Danny's actions too and "everyone around her has urged her to cut ties with him" as "her friends think that it's best for her to move on," according to the source.

As reported before, Danny was seen getting touchy-feely with his female companion at the beach in Miami on Saturday, October 27. The 32-year-old hunk was pictured stroking her hair as she was lying on a sun lounger and he was sitting across her. They also frolicked in the water, during which the brunette beauty was seen putting her hand on his shoulder.

Olivia has not responded to Danny's outing with Bianca, but she recently posted an Instagram video in which she showed off her curves in a tiny bikini. She got playful as she expressed her excitement to be in Australia for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot.

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