Public Fight? Scott Disick and Sofia Richie 'Angrily' Left an Event

The couple's night at the Hologram USA theater starts all lovely before something went ultimately wrong that the couple was allegedly 'angrily stormed out.'

AceShowbiz - Scott Disick and girlfriend Sofia Richie spent a night at the Hologram USA theater in Hollywood on October 19. It all started lovely before something went ultimately wrong that the couple was allegedly "angrily stormed out." Were they having a public fight?

According to a source, they somehow did, though they it wasn't the fight among themselves. The eyewitness revealed to that the pair shared some tensed moment with Greek billionair heir Alkie David, who went off on Disick after experiencing technical difficulties with projecting a holograph of the reality star onto the stage.

"Scott and Alkie were being filmed in a green room, backstage, to be projected onto the stage as holograms," the source explained. "But as the sound and picture cut in and out, Alkie unleashed a belligerent, foul-mouthed tirade on Scott and the crowd watching." Scott, who was there to promote his CBD product Swissx, was said to be looking "very uncomfortable on stage with Alkie as Alkie cursed out the cameraman and others in the vicinity" at the private party, which was attended by about 100 people.

It was also reported that the heir "took questions from the crowd for Scott and went on a vulgar rant on a TMZ reporter who tried to ask Scott if he would be Kanye [West]'s running mate in a presidential election." The source added, "Scott then admitted to another audience member that he did not feel safe at the event but was glad he had security with him."

It seemingly ruined their night as Scott and Sofia looked to be in good spirits when they arrived at the bash. "Scott and Sofia entered the event looking happy, cute and in love. They even shared a few PDA moments in the crowd, hugging and kissing," shared the eyewitness.

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