Michael Moore Predicts Beyonce's Chance to Become President
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The 'Fahrenheit 11/9' director admits he doesn't understand why celebrities won't run for office even though they have been more vocal about their political beliefs.

AceShowbiz - Michael Moore is pretty sure Beyonce Knowles could become president if she ran for office.

Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael is an avid left-wing activist, and in his latest feature, "Fahrenheit 11/9", he examines modern-day America under the rule of Republican President Donald Trump.

When asked by a reporter at U.K. newspaper Metro on his thoughts regarding celebrities becoming vocal about their political beliefs, Moore conceded that stars should not only be open about politics, but also become more involved.

"Oh yeah, they should! It's celebrities who win on the Republican side. Why don't we have celebrities running for office?" he questioned. "Why don't we have beloved famous people? Jay-Z and Beyonce are beloved. Beyonce would win; if she ran, she'd win. Why don't we do that? Seriously. I don't understand that."

Taylor Swift recently revealed herself to be a Democrat, after shying away from the topic for years and staying silent during Trump and Hillary Clinton's race to the White House in 2016.

And Moore fully supports her decision to be open about which way she votes.

"Taylor Swift, I had no idea what her politics were. The only thing I knew about Taylor Swift... don't ever become her boyfriend, because there will be a friggin' song written about you!" the 64-year-old exclaimed. "It's the only thing I understood about Taylor Swift! She seems like a nice person, so I don't want her to not have boyfriends, but there has to be a prenup when you go into a relationship with her - a 'no-song-afterwards' clause. They're great songs, but, man."

"My ex-wife can't carry a tune so I don't have much to worry about."

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