John Stamos Vows to Avoid Sharing Son's Photos After Being 'Dad-Shamed'

The 'Fuller House' star shares his frustration over the criticism he received from his Instagram followers, claiming that he just wanted to share his happiness with the world.

AceShowbiz - John Stamos has decided to stop sharing photos of his son Billy on social media after he was "dad-shamed".

The "Fuller House" star confessed he wanted to share snaps of his five-month-old on Instagram, but has been put off by the "frustrating" criticism he got from some of his followers.

"I've only put him on barely once, on mine, and I got so baby shamed about how I was holding him or whatever I said, 'That's it!'"

"(You) want to share your happiness with the world. But you know there's a lot of critiques out there," Stamos told Entertainment Tonight and explained that he and wife Caitlin McHugh will now wait until Billy is "old enough to decide" for himself what he wants to share on social media.

Since welcoming Billy in April, the star has only shared a handful of snaps of his son, including one earlier this week of Billy in the swimming pool for the first time.

And according to Stamos, the tot is reaching more milestones every day.

"He's riding a bike now and he plays trombone," he joked. "He loves swimming, he loves laughing. This morning we just laid in bed and he's like – I swear for like 25, 30 minutes – just (giggling and cooing)... I love it."

During the interview with ET, Stamos also confessed he had to get up with Billy at 5am as wife Caitlin had to go to a photoshoot.

Despite the sleep deprivation, the actor confirmed that he and his wife are planning on adding to their brood soon, and Stamos is hoping this time around, they have a girl.

"We need more women," he said.

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