Watch how the two comedians' incarnations of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson almost ruin their mission to protect the Queen of England.

AceShowbiz - Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are probably the silliest Sherlock Holmes and John Watson ever. The duo star in Sony/Columbia Pictures' "Holmes & Watson", which first trailer has just been released for viewing pleasure.

In this comedy movie, Ferrell's Holmes and Reilly's Watson are challenged by their biggest adversary, Professor Moriarty, to solve a murder case in Buckingham Palace. The criminal mastermind threatens to kill the Queen of England if Holmes and Watson fail to complete the challenge in four days.

But that could be a hard task for the detective duo with their lack of skills, despite the fact that they're known as brilliant detectives. Just take a look at how they are easily impressed by a poor disguise, almost kill themselves by shoot at killer bees and accidentally knock out the queen herself when trying to take a selfie with a Victorian-period camera.

"Holmes & Watson" is billed as period film that takes on the famed characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with a comedic twist, much in the vein of Ferrell and Reilly's previous works. The script is written by Etan Cohen ("Get Hard" director, "Men in Black 3" writer), who also serves as director for the upcoming picture.

Pam Ferris plays Queen Victoria, Rebecca Hall stars as Dr. Grace Part, Rob Brydon portrays Inspector Lestrade and Hugh Laurie is cast as Mycroft Holmes, with Kelly Macdonald and Steve Coogan joining the cast in other roles.

Ferrell is also producing along with Adam McKay, Jimmy Miller and Clayton Townsend, while Chris Henchy, Jessica Elbaum and M. Riley serve as executive producers. The comedy film is slated for U.S. release on December 21, just in time for the holiday season.

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