Gina Rodriguez Caused Backstage Health Scare Due to Blueberry
WENN/Adriana M. Barraza

The 'Jane the Virgin' star talks about how 'The Talk' producers had to call in medics minutes before her appearance on the show due to her habit of eating free food.

AceShowbiz - "Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez suffered an allergy scare as she prepared for a TV appearance in Los Angeles on Tuesday, September 25, after accidentally eating a blueberry.

The actress has to avoid the berries at all costs, but she was so hungry backstage at "The Talk" in Los Angeles, she had no idea she was munching on one until she tasted it - and producers had to call in medics.

Luckily, Gina, 34, didn't suffer a serious reaction to the fruit, and she was able to go ahead with her TV interview as planned.

"The problem with me is that when you offer free food, I eat it, every time, without fail!" she explained at the top of the chat. "I was so hungry this morning, so I walked into the beautiful (dressing) rooms... and there's just food displayed and I just started maxing (eating everything)."

"(Then) I was like, '(I) definitely ate a blueberry, definitely, that tastes like a blueberry...', and they (producers) are like, 'That's blueberry...,' " she said. "I'm deathly allergic! But they sent a nurse, I took allergy medicine, so if I'm a little loopy, don't blame me, blame the meds! But we're good, we're good!"

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